The most basic and important thing you do as a being of energy is flow. You channel energy – love, compassion, strength, being, universal consciousness, whatever you choose to call it – through you and around you effortlessly when there is no obstruction, no constriction. It is simply flow.

This flow is both the source and expression of your own power. You are physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger when the flow is clear. On the other hand, when it is constricted you become weaker, distracted, uncertain, and distraught.

The feeling of being connected to your inner wisdom, your source, is an expression of that flow. When you are flowing freely, that sense of connectedness is strong. You feel that you are part of everything, and everything is cooperating with you as you move through your day.

And yet, this is not always your experience. Sometimes it feels as though everything is conspiring against you. Sometimes you feel out of touch, out of phase with your surroundings; you can’t get a handle on your thoughts and emotions. Why is that? What can you do?


Of all the things that can impede flow, fear is the most pervasive. You cannot flow freely from a state of fear. When you are afraid, your energy is directed toward yourself, toward self-preservation; to run away or to fight, focusing strongly on perceiving threat and responding to it.

At its weakest, fear shows itself as an underlying hum of anxiety. Most people experience this low level hum, this free-floating anxiety that keeps some part of them constantly on alert. In fact, not to experience it can make one seem odd, naive, “out of touch with reality.”

In this society, this culture, not to be anxious about something unknown makes you appear witless and vulnerable. Everyone knows that it is dangerous not to be afraid.

The more you release yourself from fear, the more you can flow. And the more you focus on Flow, the less energy you have to feed fear.

You may never be able to completely escape that hum in this culture. This detached fear has become part of the infrastructure. Yet knowing it is there and that it has no basis in reality can help disentangle you from it.


Thoughts are real and are as alive as anything else. As you hold them, you feed them with your energy. You flow to them rather than to creation. It is not possible to function in life without thoughts, however when they take over and cannot be turned off or even down, your flow is diverted.

The more thoughts you have, the more your energy is channeled into feeding them. Eventually, thoughts can consume all of your energy if left unchecked and out of control.

Thoughts and thinking take you away from the present moment, essentially away from your body. When you remember your body, as when you intentionally take a deep breath, thoughts fall away. They cannot be in the present moment because they are connected to your reflective mind, which is always in the past or future.

When you bring your awareness into the present and remain with it, you experience thoughts becoming quieter, fading away. However, the instant that you let go of that Now awareness, thoughts quickly return and continue to feed upon your flow.

To be still so that you can flow freely is the essence of meditation. You do not have to sit or be physically still to be in this consciousness. Being completely present while doing any task also quiets your mind as you flow fully into that task. To be completely engaged in the moment, no matter what you are doing, will bring to the same awareness and distracting thoughts fade.

When you bring your awareness to the present moment you can truly be who you are and allow the flow to move through you.

You have experienced this when you find yourself engaged with something particularly interesting or fun, when time seems to stand still and all you think about is the task at hand. Bring that same attention to even the most mundane activities and you will take control of your flow.


Life in this dimensional reality system is about creation and the experience of emotion. It takes energy, or power, to do these things. When you have a belief that there is not enough energy to go around, your tendency may be to try to hold on to what you have and store up more when you can. If you find yourself hoarding things in your ordinary, everyday life, you are most likely trying to hoard power in your spiritual life, as well.

However, hoarding and storing up power is another way of hindering your flow. Energy cannot be stored or held onto. There is no receptacle large enough to contain and hold the vastness of energy that constantly flows through you. It can only be diverted, and stifled if not allowed to flow freely.

Holding on to things both energetic and physical that you no longer need feeds your flow to that dying relationship. Letting go opens you, gives you more room to receive.

When you find yourself moving into the feeling of “not enough,” relax into trust instead and let the flow move through you.

There is more than enough energy in the universe. By opening yourself to it and letting it move freely through, you enlarge your bandwidth and make space for even more.


Energy – Love, Light, Abundance, Compassion – flows to you. It is your birthright as a being of energy.  Your gift to the universe is to pass that flow through and make it available to all the other beings of energy. The more you are able to flow freely, the more you bring in.

Flow is additive, rather than subtractive. The more you give, the more you get. Allow yourself to flow freely today … right now.

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