The Institute

The Shamanic Passages Institute was created in 2018 as a resource of courses and tools to help people explore shamanism, shamanic practices, and the shamanic journey. The video and audio resources are designed to be accessible to beginners and those relatively new to shamanism.

Courses range from free tools to a year-long exploration of shamanic practice delivered weekly. There are timely workshops, including:

Renaissance: Your Path to Renewal a bundle of three other workshops,
Phoenix Rising: How to Move on in Your Life,
Wolves in the Woods: Breaking the Cycle of Fear, and
Dreaming Destiny: How to Create the Life You Choose.

Other courses specific to shamanic journeying are Journeying 1.0, Journeying 2.0, and other future courses that introduce the practice as well as offer exercises to expand the journey experience.

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed. is the founder and lead instructor of most courses.