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All Connected ~ All Affected

People in many spiritual communities and traditions reflect often that all beings on the planet are connected. No matter how close or distant a mass event might be from you, it affects you. This notion includes both joyous events and … Continue reading

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Becoming An Orphan

At the end of last year, I suddenly – but not unexpectedly – became an orphan. At the age of 69, that is no small event. Becoming an orphan at any age is, of course, no small event. Still, with … Continue reading

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Living With Grief

The experience of grief is part of being human. Everyone encounters the emotion many times in life, though we usually connect it to the loss of a loved one. This was a rough year, and it is ending raggedly. At … Continue reading

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Elder Parents Journey: Returning Home

My father’s stroke happened near the first of January this year. The journey from the hospital, to skilled nursing care, and then assisted living was very quick, and many things had to fall exactly right for it all to work … Continue reading

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Three Pillars of Male Privilege in America

I believe that many women would agree with the assertion that male privilege is a significant problem, not only to women but to our society as a whole. As a male of more than sixty years, I am embarrassed to … Continue reading

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