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Three Keys To Successful Long-Term Relationships

You may already know that I have been in a long-term relationship for … well … a very long time. I have seen too many other relationships that have developed during that time fall apart. As a counselor, teacher, and … Continue reading

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Navigating Difficult Times

These days can be particularly anxiety-producing and possibly even traumatic. Here are some simple ways to navigate these difficult times. Continue reading

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Pulling Weeds

The Art of Pulling Weeds is an exceedingly meditative practice. It is not simply about pulling plants out of the ground; it is about doing so mindfully and in awareness. Anyone can pull up weeds; however to do it well, … Continue reading

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Assumptions and Beliefs

I was recently reminded that one of the problems with assumptions is that they are always based on your beliefs, most of which are not accurate. You may believe you know someone, but you may very well be completely wrong. … Continue reading

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Wolves in the Woods

Footprints in deep snow, Surrounded by woods, The moon bright overhead, Lights the wet white carpet. There are wolves in the woods. They make no sound, Yet they are there in the dark, Watching between the trees. Tingling flesh, racing … Continue reading

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Risk Is Life

From Conscious Dancer, an article on Vin Marti clearly expresses the challenge and opportunity of taking a chance in life: “Let’s remember that to love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To … Continue reading

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