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On Being Gentle

What is the attitude I need in order to weather the current emotional swings of these turbulent times? The word “gentle” kept coming up, and I realized that I did not understand what that meant. Continue reading

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A Warrior’s Refrain

Starting a 7th year teaching the Spirit Paths program, I am afforded the opportunity to examine again what it means to be a warrior. The word has often confusing meanings in our Western culture, and many of our images of warriors … Continue reading

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Healing Self Curses (Cancel/Clear)

Exerpted from the upcoming book, “Spirit Paths: A Shamanic Pathway to Healing and Changing Your Life” by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed. For the most part, belief filters are based on learned behaviors that arise from past experience. You may have had … Continue reading

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Healing Deepwater Horizon

Following the explosion and collapse of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform on April 20, 2010, the world watched in helpless horror as an environmental catastrophe unfolded. It was alarming at first to think of the thousands of gallons of oil, … Continue reading

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Messages From the Ice Storm

The ice storm was almost over when our monthly Deepening Journey Circle met on Wednesday evening, January 13. In these circles we often use the shamanic journey to focus on topics of community interest and seek insights about the “bigger … Continue reading

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Living In the Earth

We do not live on Mother Earth, we live IN Mother Earth. Just as a starfish scuttles along on the floor of the Ocean of Water, so we walk on the floor of an even deeper Ocean of Air that … Continue reading

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Ethics and Corporate Healthcare

Spiritual practice includes how each of us interacts with and supports the Web of Life, and that Web includes our brother and sister humans. This is especially true in regard to the fundamental issue of health and well-being. Everyone in the tribe is important and valuable, and the basic quality of life of each person in the tribe reflects on the spiritual relationship we have with all things. Continue reading

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