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Assumptions and Beliefs

I was recently reminded that one of the problems with assumptions is that they are always based on your beliefs, most of which are not accurate. You may believe you know someone, but you may very well be completely wrong. … Continue reading

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The most basic and important thing you do as a being of energy is flow. You channel energy – love, compassion, strength, being, universal consciousness, whatever you choose to call it – through you and around you effortlessly when there … Continue reading

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Learning to Swim

The Diving In article began as an invitation to “start where you are and jump in anytime” in answering the questions I often get about where to begin and what to do first. It turned instead into a provocative analogy … Continue reading

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Diving In

People sometimes say that they have been interested in personal change for many years. They’ve read the books and taken the seminars, but for some reasons or others, they have just not been able to begin the “real work.” Where … Continue reading

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Healing Deepwater Horizon

Following the explosion and collapse of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform on April 20, 2010, the world watched in helpless horror as an environmental catastrophe unfolded. It was alarming at first to think of the thousands of gallons of oil, … Continue reading

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Shapeshifting Class

I do not have any ambition to be a professional actor. However, I truly enjoy and take acting classes whenever I can. The practice of acting affords me an opportunity to examine myself from a completely different perspective within a … Continue reading

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Clearing Out – Letting Go

From the shamanic perspective, everything is alive, which means that everything also “dies.” The subject of “dead things that we keep hanging around” came up in a class some time ago. Imagine all those items being like beloved friends and … Continue reading

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