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When You Let Your Guides Down

Among the wonderful benefits of having more than 20 educational videos about journeying and spirit allies online, is that I occasionally get some very interesting questions. I would like to share this one, and my response, because I hear variations on it … Continue reading

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The Shaman in the Cave

A friend recently relayed her trip to the Lascaux Cave Painting exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. Many of you are familiar with the nearly 18,000 year-old Lascaux cave paintings discovered in France in the 1940’s. Werner Herzog’s recent … Continue reading

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Rat In The Attic

A True Tale of Urban Shamanic Living In December 2011, I had the most amazing encounter with a rat in our attic. Although we had spent several hundreds of dollars sealing openings and clearing the attic, one evening we heard … Continue reading

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Morning Messages

Sitting on my front porch in the morning and watching what Spirit has to show me has become a daily practice. It is a way that I can integrate inspiration into my everyday activities. I take what attracts my attention … Continue reading

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Shamanism Without Borders: Walk on the Wild Side

This is part of a message I received from Carol Proudfoot Elder. I’ve been thinking a lot about Spirit Animals in their many forms, and how they seem to me to be becoming more prominent in “ordinary life” as well. … Continue reading

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