Change The Narrative — With Gratitude

Winebelly_071317_200Let’s change the narrative, the stories that we tell about life, the universe, and everything. Let’s work together to create a new narrative, one of compassion, respect, caring, abundance. Of course, the place to begin is within.

You have likely heard many times that change begins with you—that you can only change yourself, not anything “out there.” However, that is not the whole of the story. When you dive into the depths of you—when you fearlessly let go of the story you tell yourself about who you are, and you fiercely examine what part of your inner story resonates with what you want to change “out there” and work to address that—you do have a profound opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Why? How? Because we are all connected in this amazingly creative multi-dimensional space. Not only do you receive waves of energies coming from your energetic environment, you also send energetic waves, as well. You radiate your energy, or more specifically, you radiate your feeling state. Thus, as you shift your own deep feeling, you affect the field (or Spirit) surrounding you.

How do you do that??

It takes breaking old patterns that support how you currently view the world. Nothing else will do. If you find that you feel depressed or angry after spending time on social media, cut that time to a minimum, or eliminate it altogether. Let go of attachment to people in your life that feed feelings of hopelessness or anger or whatever the feeling it is that you do not want to experience… much less put into the field. Set boundaries on what enters your energetic space.

Now, this is not to put your head in the sand and ignore that there is suffering in the world. It is rather to deeply shift your feeling state to be in alignment with what you want to receive. From that place of balance, you will find more useful and appropriate ways to act, if you need or want to. Not react, but act. That is an important difference.


One of the best places to begin—one of the most powerful and accessible ways that you can begin to make that change—is through being in gratitude. Notice that I am not saying “be grateful.” I am suggesting that being “in gratitude,” fully immersed in that feeling state, can create a profound shift in the core of how you are in the world and give you leverage for more insights and change.

You can probably identify 5, 10, 20 or more things to be grateful for in your surroundings at any given moment, if you look for them. Take some time, as often as you can, to pause and look around. What do you see, hear, smell, feel, touch that you can find gratitude for its presence in your life, or in that moment?

Pick one and let yourself dive deeply into the feeling of being in gratitude for that one thing. What is that feeling of gratitude like in your body? Allow your awareness to sink into the feeling that your body responds with as you experience what it feels like to be in gratitude for just that one thing.

Choose another and do the same thing. Let the resonance of Gratitude find a home in your body, as well as your feeling, because it is your body that is the antenna—it is your body that sends out that electro-magnetic wave into the field. Your body will learn with practice how to feel more and more that sensation, and it will become easier to find.

Change the Narrative… With Gratitude

From the very first time that you do this simple exercise, you will find the story that you are telling yourself about You and your life shift. At the very least, you will have broken the habitual thoughts and actions based on the old patterns that keep you stuck, if only for a few moments. As you change your inner story through practice, you change the narrative of how you are with others… and they will shift, as well.

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