“Spirit Paths” Book Wins Grand Prize from TISBA

SPFrontCover_071814_450This month, Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity, written by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., and published in December 2013, has won the Grand Prize Award from The Indie Spiritual Book Awards. The competition was open to authors who publish independently regarding spiritually-oriented topics in 9 non-fiction and 1 fiction category (novels, poetry, or short stories0. Spirit Paths won in the Non-Fiction, Education category. The anonymous Education Category judge wrote the book review:

Spirit Paths is one of the best books available regarding spiritual and personal development. Stages of the process are clearly defined and differentiated. Exercises are described in detail and are easy to follow. Each new section repeats the essence of the previous one without becoming boring or irritating. In fact, the author seems to anticipate questions just as they arise and is ready with the clarifying answer. The author supports and affirms the reader at every step, instills confidence yet doesn’t minimize the work required or the profound life changes involved in the journey. Warnings are provided but not in a way that brings self-doubt or anxiety. Spirit Paths invites the reader into self-searching but without undermining confidence. Mr. Starnes’ style is that of a personal coach that affirms and celebrates the reader’s highest possibility. The book draws from a surprising array of traditions, yet there is no confusion about point of view or philosophy. The wisdom in the sequence of stages, the exercises chosen to deepen personal work speak of profound knowledge. In all, Spirit Paths is a brilliant guide for beginners as well as the experienced person looking to deepen spiritual and personal development.

More information and reviews are available on the Spirit Paths Book webpage. My gratitude to the many individuals who participated in the Spirit Paths program on which the book is based. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! The book is available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon.com.

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2 Responses to “Spirit Paths” Book Wins Grand Prize from TISBA

  1. A Hearty And Heartfelt Congratulations, Mr Gerry Starnes, on an excellent and immensely important Book, Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity!

  2. gerrystarnes says:

    Why thank you! I appreciate your comments greatly.

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