Healing Self Curses (Cancel/Clear)

Excerpted from the book,
“Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity”
by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

For the most part, belief filters are based on learned behaviors that arise from past experience. You may have had a traumatic or frightening experience with an abusive bully, for example, that set a filter for you that muscular men are bullies. However, this is not always the case.

From a shamanic perspective, it is also possible for other people to influence your beliefs directly by cursing you.

“You will never be able to sing.”

“If you keep acting like that, no one will like you anymore.”

“Why can’t you keep your mind on-track like everyone else?”

“You are such a screw-up.”

Each one of these statements is a curse, and there are millions more that you have heard or even that you might tell other people. They are like darts fired into the person’s energy field, and given the right circumstances, they stick and begin to spread their poison. Every time you throw an angry insult at a driver who cuts you off, every time you think ill of someone you don’t like, you toss a curse at them.

Fortunately, most curses in this culture do not actually affect their targets. It is as though, like viruses, you need to have a receptor in your energy field in order for them to attach. If someone tells you that you are fat and ugly and no one will ever love you, and you have a receptor for that, the curse will attach. If not, the dart bounces harmlessly away.

Where Do Curses Come From?

While many curses come from everyday life experiences, curses may also be brought forward from past lives, particularly if the person was cursed in their last moments or died as the result of a curse. Curses may also be generational, passing down invisibly from parents to their children.

Again though, as adults, you are protected from those tossed at you during the course of your day. As long as you do not have a “receptor” belief about yourself, most of them bounce off harmlessly.

However, this is not true for young children who are completely open to whatever they are told is true about themselves by their parents, teachers, pastors, significant friends, and the like. Until they have a fairly intact sense of Self, they are very vulnerable. Even afterward, the disempowering beliefs they have about themselves will continue to allow the curses of others to affect them.

As a result, you have most likely been cursed as a child. Most are not intentional, of course, but their effects are the same. When you think poorly of yourself, you are most likely reflecting a curse that already exists in your life. And when you repeat that curse, you effectively reinforce it – you curse yourself.


Know, too, that you may curse yourself. Every time you tell yourself something demeaning, perhaps repeating old curses given to you in childhood, you curse yourself. These are often said or thought so often that they go unnoticed.

“I always forget something when I travel.”

“I can never find my keys when I need them.”

“Every time I try to get something done, I get sidetracked.”

There are millions of different kinds of iterations of these self-curses, perhaps dozens of which you repeat to yourself every day. And each one of them has the effect of dimming your spirit and giving away some of your power.

Curse Healing

Curses can be removed by experienced shamanic practitioners, and you may be able to identify and remove some of your own. The exercise below is one way to approach self-healing. However, it is the curses that you don’t know about that cause the most damage. You may stalk your curses for a very long time and not be able to identify some of them because they are well hidden, much like missing soul parts.

Curse healing is an energetic, ritual process of locating the curses, extracting them, and the repairing the imprint of the curse in the energy field. Once curses are removed, they no longer can interfere with the natural function of the energy field. As a result, more energy can flow through to be available to you.

This exercise focuses on a pervasive way that you curse yourself on a daily basis with your words. Words have power, and every time you express out loud or in your thoughts a demeaning idea about yourself, you curse yourself by reinforcing your limiting beliefs.


Stalking Your Self-Curses

Stalk your words. Set an intention to pay strict attention to the messages you are giving yourself, both negative and positive. Most importantly, though, just attend to your words.

People tend not to pay attention to what they say, either to others or to themselves. Some people talk incessantly about nothing at all. Others functionally curse themselves over and over and then wonder why they feel so badly about themselves.

Your most important first practice should be to identify those curses you put on yourself. You do. Accept it. Pay attention to what you tell yourself and you will quickly see how damaging you can be.

You might take a small notebook with you and write down all of those self-directed thoughts: judgments, put-downs, limiting beliefs. See how many pages you can fill with all those curses. Really work at it. Set your Wolf Mind the task of tracking even the most subtle ones, those you ordinarily would not even consider being curses – the ones disguised as self-compliments or those wrapped in compliments to others.



What do you do with all this information? Remember this phrase: “Cancel – Clear!” Rather than trying to figure out the proper words to use to offset the curse or “rewrite the script,” say the canceling phrase immediately each time you catch yourself in the act. The more quickly you cancel the self-doubt or putdown and clear the energy of it, the better.

Just “Cancel – Clear!” and move on. Do not give the curse one more iota of your energy, one more instant of your time.  Starve it to death. Over time you will notice that you tell yourself that curse less and less, and each time you do, you catch it and cancel it. One day you will notice that it is no longer there for you.

Above all, do not beat yourself up when stalking your words traps a curse, either to yourself or anyone else. That is just another way to judge and demean yourself. Instead, congratulate yourself on being diligent!

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